Georg Philipp Telemann 1681 - 1767

6 Sonatas in canon for two treble recorders Opus 5

As the title suggests, both players in these sonatas play the same part but in canon, one, two or three bars apart. This makes them especially ideal as play-along pieces. The recording is of the 'leader' part, so to play along you simply start when the recorded part reaches the number '2' in the score and stop at the 'pause' sign before the end. The effect is very exciting and the more you play them the more you are able to listen to the other part in front and hear the phrasing and any ornamentaion enabling you to imitate it (or improve on it!) when you arrive at the same point. Telemann had an interest in the folk music of Poland and a few of the movements of these sonatas delightfully portray this.



Sonatas 1-6 on CD



Sonatas 1-6 on CD with score (pdf)



Sonatas 1-6 Download without score


Sonatas 1-6 Download with score


Sonata 1 Download with score


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Sonata 3 Download with score


Sonata 4 Download with score


Sonata 5 Download with score


Sonata 6 Download with score



Score only Sonatas 1-6


'They are an excellent way of playing some lovely music without the need for a live partner'.  S.Pilczek


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