How it works

Duets for One can be purchased on CD or downloaded (mp3). If you choose to download, you will be directed to a page where you can download the recordings and music to be saved onto your computer. You will also receive an email with the download links. If you purchase CDs with a score, the CDs will be mailed to you and you will also recieve a download link for the pdf scores.

The mp3 files can played through the speakers connected to your computer or on any other device able to play mp3 files.

Also available is sheet music in PDF format which can be printed out or read striaght from your screen. There are also many other editions of the music which you may already own and which will be suitable for playing with the recordings.


You'll see the following symbols to help you navigate and make your choices

Recordings on CD
Recordings to download


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The recordings

All the recordings are pitched at A=440 (modern concert pitch) and include metronome introductions where necessary. If you are unsure about pitch then it is likely that your recorders are at this pitch.

Duets for one on your iPad

If you wish to use Duets for one on your iPad, the standard downloads will work as long as they are opened in a browser called iCab Mobile. If you purchase duets to use on your ipad, please mention your intention in the comments box on your paypal payment or send me an email, and I will send you a free help sheet detailing how to use iCab Mobile - it's very straightforward.