Designed to bring out the best in your practice time, Duets for One is a series of play-along recordings and scores of the baroque recorder duet repertoire, recorded by Owen Morse-Brown.
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Improve Your Technique

In the introduction to his 6 Duetti of 1759, J.J. Quantz describes in detail the usefulness of practicing and playing duets over that of concerti and solos. He tells us we will

  • Become more sure of our ability to play in time.
  • Develop a taste for the effects of harmony and phrasing.
  • Improve our ability to hold our own part even when the second plays a contrary movement.
  • Find pleasant entertainment without the need for an accompanist.

As a teacher I have found the playing of duets in lessons perhaps the most useful tool for teaching and implementing the techniques and stylistics associated with baroque repertoire. These recordings allow you to practice in private, improve your technique and be better prepared for your ensemble playing.

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